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What is the Vista V.I.P. Fundraising Program?
Vista's Program is an innovative fundraiser that harnesses the buying power of an organization's supporters to raise funds effortlessly.
Vista has negotiated significant savings with major retailers by making volume purchases of gift cards. These volume purchases translate into significant rebates.
The majority of the negotiated rebate is passed on to your organization. Your organization's supporters are raising much needed funds by using these pre-purchased gift cards for their day to day purchases.
Vista's clients include Schools, Churches, Sports Clubs, Choirs, and community groups. We are pleased to be able to provide an important service to organizations that play such a vital role in our communities.

Christian Owned and Operated  

What are the benefits of participating in VIP?
VIP is effortless fundraising through everyday purchases.
No selling of merchandise
No purchasing of products that you do not need.
Anyone can participate. Families, singles, seniors, friends and relatives.
There is absolutely no cost to you. You purchase the store gift cards from Vista at face value minus rebate and tender this at the participating retailers at face value.
The rebate received, becomes the organization's fundraising revenue. No extra out of pocket dollars are required.

Grocery Stores RestaurantsMajor Retailers EntertainmentGas Stations

Vista Innovative Promotions Inc.AS EASY AS 1 - 2 - 3:
Your organization can raise money by following these three easy steps:
Step 1: Your organization's supporters order gift cards at face value.
Step 2: Your organization orders gift cards at face value MINUS REBATE
from Vista.
Step 3: Your organization distributes the ordered gift cards to your supporters, who in turn use them for their day to day household purchases instead of using cash, debit or credit.

Generate thousands of dollars for your organization!...Effortlessly with the VIP Program
Vista Innovative Promotions (V.I.P.) Inc. Ph. 705-458-0695